Nuclear fusion is often stated to be the ultimate solution to the world's energy needs. The energy potentially available from nuclear fusion far exceeds those energy needs, for the infinite future, as we recognise every day just by looking up. We can rely to some extent on fusion power in the sun to provide radiant and convective energy for us to collect and store on earth, but for long dark or cloudy and still periods of days, and to cover ever-increasing energy demand, we need to develop other energy sources, even more so if we ultimately wish to survive elsewhere in our universe where the sun is not so bright. The energy available from fusion is therefore not something we as a civilisation can neglect to find out how to exploit. Harnessing this energy potential, however, to generate electricity on earth, is proving more complicated and challenging than at first thought.

With that in mind this website sets out to give a grounded view of the requirements, aims, and variety of fusion power development, highlighting the achievements so far, the current status, and the steps still needed to reach an acceptable solution. Some challenges have already been accomplished, but many still remain. Long timescale development programmes are now being joined by shorter-term enterprises aimed at short-cutting the steady progress with novel schemes to try to realise fusion power production earlier, making this a good time to keep an informed perspective on progress.

The writers of the site are ex-researchers in fusion power development, now retired, giving them a uniquely detached but well-informed perspective on the current status, allowing them to give the reader an accurate appreciation of the progress as new results appear.

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